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What are customers are saying about our honey... Honey reviews

“Me, my daughter, her husband, and their child are all officially honey snobs. Also, I have to say, it seems a ‘bit-o-honey’ before bed has been helping me to stay asleep longer. Avoiding the blood sugar drop-off seems to make a lot of sense.

It was great meeting you, talking with you, and I look forward to buying more of your excellent honey. I’ll spread the word about Frangiosa Artisan Honey.”

“So far the honey is amazing with my allergies. I have not taken any medication. Also I’ve been doing sleepy time tea and honey before bed ( like you mentioned) and I’ve been sleeping so good. “

“It was a pleasure meeting you in Lone Tree last week. We absolutely LOVE our honey! By far the best honey we have ever tasted. We are using it in our morning tea and smoothies. Your website is great – tons of interesting info, articles and photos.”

“It’s like a spoon full of Heaven.”

“We have been buying Frangiosa Farm honey for several years and love it. The quality and taste of the honey is superior by far to any other we’ve tasted. We use it a lot in hot tea, and my daughter frequently eats it right out of the jar. It is so great knowing that it is pure, raw honey made from bees not far from our house!”

“Frangiosa Farm Honey is extremely high quality. You’ll notice the difference!”

Honey for Sale, It’s like a big warm hug in a jar!

Not all Honey is equal! This is local, raw honey!

What does this mean to you?

No messing around with it. The bees have done all the work that needs to bee done.

The honey does pass through a screen that removed some of the larger pieces of wax and any hive debris that might have
been in the hive and knocked off during extraction of the honey.

What is in raw honey. You get a lot more than you bargained for!

All the bee products in the honey; honey, wax, pollen, and trace amounts of propils. Honey is honey, pure and simple.