Hard Honey

Honey gone hard? It’s still safe to eat!

All natural honey will crystallize time time. It is natural, normal, and still safe to eat.

Raw and unfiltered honey is relatively low in moisture content (14% to 18%) and has a high antioxidant level. It will usually granulate and crystallize to a margarine-like consistency after a month or two. Many people prefer to spread it on bread, toast, and waffles. Dissolve it in hot coffee or tea, or use it for cooking and baking.

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Why store-bought honey does not crystallize as fast as raw honey

Heat honey in a double boiler or in a hot air to 40ºC or 104 ºF to melt any sugar crystals may be present and delay crystallization. Check the honey temperature with a candy thermometer to avoid the risk of overheating.

Honey packers of supermarket honey in the US heat liquid honey to 63 ºC (145 ºF) for thirty minutes, or 71 ºC (160 ºF) for one minute or so (flash heat) and then quickly cooled at 49- 52 ºC(120-125 ºF) for minimization of heat damage. This high temperature kills the yeast cells that cause fermentation and keeps honey from crystallizing on the market self for a long period of time. The resulting honey contains very little of the nutritional value of minimally processed or raw honey including amino acids, minerals, vitamins, live enzymes, and antioxidants that are considered essential for good health. Another reason to buy raw!

Hot water bath method

  • Heat a saucepan filled with enough water to reach the level of honey in the jar to 35 – 40ºC (95-104 ºF), then remove it from the heat or turn off the heat. Take the lid off of the honey jar and immerse the jar in the water.
  • Let it stand for about 20-30 minutes.
  • The heat will slowly dissolve the glucose crystals and become liquid again.
  • Stir occasionally to even the heat throughout the honey, as crystallized honey is a poor conductor of heat.
  • Replace the hot water if needed.
  • Remove the jar of honey from the water bath when honey becomes liquid again.
  • This works well with honey in glass jars, but not so well with plastic containers.
  • They can warp or melt. If honey is packaged in a plastic container set in warm water, not hot water.

Credits: http://www.montcobeekeepers.org/Documents/Honey_Crystallization.pdf

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