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My honey bees and cryptocurrencies have joined forces to help save the farm! I am committed to helping save the
honey bee and support pollination insects and the vital service they provide. You can now buy honey and honey hive
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Honey for Sale, It’s like a big warm hug in a jar!

Not all Honey is equal! This is local, raw honey!

What does this mean to you?

No messing around with it. The bees have done all the work that needs to bee done.

The honey does pass through a screen that removed some of the larger pieces of wax and any hive debris that might have been in the hive and knocked off during extraction of the honey.

All the bee products in the honey; honey, wax, pollen, and trace amounts of propils. Honey is honey, pure and simple.

Keep Honey Cool This is critical for a high quality honey. The raw honey I sell and produce is very close to the original condition when it left the hive, nothing added, nothing removed, no filtering, and never heated. Heat is the enemy of honey! It will degrade the taste, smell and food quality quickly.

Heating honey above 96.8°F, causes loss of nearly 200 components, some of which are antibacterial and at higher temperatures the important enzymes are destroyed and honey sugars caramelize. For this reason, in the extraction process, I never heat our honey room above 95 F; the temperature found naturally occurring within a bee colony. This cool extraction process does not degrade the honey, maintaining the unique tastes, aromas, and medicinal qualities of the honey.

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