The Frangiosa Family History

By 1870, there were about 25,000 Italian immigrants in America, many of them Northern Italian refugees from the wars
that accompanied the Risorgimento—the struggle for Italian unification and independence from foreign rule. Between
around 1880 and 1924, more than four million Italians immigrated to the United States, half of them between 1900 and
1910 alone—the majority fleeing grinding rural poverty in Southern Italy and Sicily. Today, Americans of Italian
ancestry are the nation’s fifth-largest ethnic group.

Nicola Frangiosa was born May 8th, 1890 in Casalduni, Italy to Carlo Frangiosa and Mariantonia Picciricco.
Siblings; Angelo, Migela, & Jenny

Fast forward 19 years…Nicola decides to immigrate to Stati Uniti d’America on the ship, Lazio departing from Napoli (Naples),
manifest line number 0016 on x date and arriving on Jan 15, 1910. The Ellis Island arrival documents state that he was
single, could not read or write and his final destination was to be St. Louis (page 40 of Ship manifest). 5’1″ tall
with chestnut hair, $30 in pocket he was heading to 6929 Mauchutes Ave (it looks like that but tough to read.)

1883: Benito Mussolini was born on July 29th 1883 near Predappio, in north-east Italy. His father, Alessandro, was a blacksmith
while his mother, Rosa, was a school teacher. Mussolini had a younger brother and younger sister. Despite having two
incomes coming in to the house, the Mussolini’s were poor, as were many families in Italy at this time.

  • 1908: Europe’s worst earthquake, centered on the strait of Messina, kills up to 200,000 people in Sicily and southern Italy.
  • 1911: Italy defeats the Ottoman Empire and gain control over Libya and the
    Rhodes archipelago.
  • 1912: The Titanic sinks two years later April 15, 1912.


More to come…

Ended up in Pennsylvania and then on to Ohio.

Casalduni is a comune in the Province of Benevento in the Italian region Campania, located about 60 km northeast of Naples and
about 15 km northwest of Benevento, on the slopes of Monte Cicco on the right of the Tammaro river.