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2017 The Average Joe’s Guide to Backyard Beekeeping

If you have an interest in bees, pollination and/or the environment, are new to beekeeping or just thinking of bee-coming a beekeeper and you’d like to help reduce the loss of honey bees, this workshop is for you!

This is a rare opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of beekeeping from a hands-on perspective. This three session workshop helps you cut through the overwhelming and often times confusing amount of information available to a new beekeeper and is presented in a manner that even an “Average Joe” can appreciate.

This workshop will put you on a fast track to keeping your own bees. Books and the Internet provide plenty of information but nothing compares to a hands-on experience where you directly interact with bees as you learn.

  • Are you interested in keeping bees?
  • Is your hive equipment ready?
  • First time beekeeper or just need a refresher?
  • Are feeling a little nervous, overwhelmed, and excited?

​Now is the time to get ready with some hands-on practice and advice.

Come out to one of Frangiosa Farms apiaries in Parker, Colorado to learn the basics about bees, equipment, behavior, and keeping bees. You will get a chance to see, touch and experience all the equipment needed and involved in starting you 1st or 5th hive.

  • Get ready to enjoy the wonderful world of bees
  • What you need to install your first package or nuc of bees
  • Learn about the equipment
  • The Year in the Life of a Bee
  • The Year in the Life of a Beekeeper
  • Hive placement
  • Releasing the Queen (Packages)
  • Hive inspection: What to look for…
  • Inspect live hives and identify brood patterns and types of bees in the hive.

Bring water, notebook, camera, beekeeper suit or veil, gloves, sunglasses, questions!
Bring a Veteran for free! Yes, Veterans are free with one paying adult. Semper Fi!

Pick a day that works best for you…

Drop in Workshop Schedule: Limit 25 spaces per class per day.

April 22, 2017 9am-1pm Hive assembly, placement and equipment, and preparing for the season $45 per class View Details
April 29, 2017 9am-1pm Package and Nuc Installation, Care for your new bees $45 per class View Details
May 13, 2017 9am-1pm Swarms, Splits, Queens and hive inspections $45 per class View Details
June 03, 2017 9am-1pm Beekeeping Basics, Hive Inspections, Mite Mitigation $45 per class View Details

Contact Nick for more information or questions:

Once registered: I will send you directions to the backyard apiary. Bee well!

An “Average Joe’s” Guide to Beekeeping – A Hands-on Workshop Series

  • You will participate by…
  • Learn the tools of the trade
  • Introducing a bee package to a new hive
  • Tasting fresh honey right out of the hive!

Topics covered include the anatomy of the bee, honeybee life cycle & development, beekeeping equipment, hive set-up, inspection tips, bee pests and organic practices, what’s killing the bees and the benefits of the keeping your own colonies.

This workshop is designed to be both hands-on with lecture giving you the opportunity to learn, see, touch, and experience the beehive, various types of beekeeping tools & equipment and the bees themselves.

Experience what it’s like to be a Beekeeper. We provide all the protective clothing and equipment to help you feel comfortable during this fantastic learning experience.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 25 people. Due to the Hands-on nature of this workshop, limited class size allows all participants to have access to the both the beekeepers for questions & discussions while providing ample time for you to engage with the bees.

Please note that bees are sensitive to changes in the weather and the instructors may adjust the order of the workshop in response to the weather. If for some reason we cannot conduct a session due to extreme weather, it will be rescheduled.

Includes use of beekeeping suits, tools, hives, equipment, instruction, light refreshments and of course the bees!

Cancellation Policy : Due to the limited nature of this workshop there are no refunds.

​The session will be led by two experienced Veteran beekeepers with many years of experience with dozens of hives in difference locations throughout the Denver Metro area (both instructors are Military Veterans!).

Nick French, The Bee Shepherd of Frangiosa Farm runs the Adopt a Honey Bee program and is passionate about educating “New-Bees”. He regularly conducts public workshops at local urban gardens and garden centers and enjoys engaging elementary school children about the benefits of honeybees and pollinators. Nick gets help managing his hives from close friends and his two girls ages 8 & 10.

Joe Komperda is a certified instructor and a passionate beekeeper with an equally passionate interest in handcrafting beekeeping equipment. Joe designs and builds some unique beekeeping wooden-ware that helps inspire and engage beekeepers. Both Nick and Joe have a wide variety of knowledge, experience, and equipment to give you a comprehensive but simple introduction to keeping honeybees.

Please contact Nick for availability: Email or 303.506.9936

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